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IMRF Journals promote value and ethical research among the young research scholars and modern society, having been backed up by the committed academic assemblage, with the support of the authors from India and abroad who have contributed a lot in the terms of their research/ scientific/ technical papers worth presenting to the realm of its kind.

The IMRF Journals are strictly committed to publish blind peer reviewed original research articles treating modern research sciences and with its manifold applications, in relation to all the fields of study on a par with the international standards in respective journals.

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Total Number of Journals                                            :               8


Total Number of Papers Published till now           :        4722

Total Number of Authors Contributed till now    :        8304

Total Number of Countries represented till now :   91/198 

Total Number of Institutions Trust till now          :        2351

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Academic Excellence Awards


          IMRF Journals are informative and educative. I recommend the journals for researchers at all levels.


Dr. Samuel Olorunfemi Adams,
Statistics Lecturer and Researcher
Department of Statistics,Faculty of Science,
University of Abuja, Abuja, FCT.
Nigeria, West Africa.


       I am happy to note the good work done by IMRF. The IMRF  journal is qualitatively good and informative. Kudos to team IMRF!  Keep it up! 

Dr. Sudhi Rajiv 
Rtd. Prof. & Head, Department of English,
Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur

Rajasthan, India



     You can collect, capture and write good ideas in IMRF Journal, so the World get to knows about you. 

Dr.Narendra Pramod Parchure 
Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning (SCDL), Pune, Maharashtra.


          IMRF journals be it the one on business studies,literature,social sciences,engineering or any other areas- has been over the years one of the most sought after journals by way of quality of articles, rigorous selection process, free from plagiarism and top quality too. Its indeed a great honour for our articles to be published in IMRF journals  which stand out separate from other journals by way of quality and all the more timeliness.


Dr. Hari Sundar Govindaraman

Associate Professor & Programme Director
School of Contemporary Knowledge Systems
Chinmaya Viswavidyapeeth, Adi Sankara Nilayam
Veliyanad, Ernakulam, Kerala, India


     IMRF is a great organization.. committed to the cause of academic excellence...i had been associated with IMRF for more than  5 years...n.observing the way International conferences are just an intellectual feast for active researchers in science, arts, literature sociology n.women.s role in society...practically any treated with due attention n.bringing in subject.experts from around the world...  It's an inspiring to get associated with IMRF...n.its publications are of high quality...


Research Mentor; Dept.Mathematics;
Sahyadri, Mangalore,

Karnataka , India


          IMRF Journals...... Of course!What I feel, I must say are excellent because they are highly  informative and quick as well. Publishing in the same has always been a pleasant experience from beginning till end.The efficiency of IMRF Journals as well as organization is quite impressive..


Prof. Ambica Gupta 
HOD, English Department,

GDC Udhampur

Jammu & Kashmir, India


       IMRF Journals are quality research journals with high credibility and ethics. The publication process is quick and efficient, with critical feedback provided through peer review, and timely response rates to emails. I appreciate the level of organization, and will surely be publishing with this journal again!

Dr. Shuchi Sharma

University School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

New Delhi, India


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